A little update

Just a little update to keep you guys informed on what’s going on at the moment:

We’ll hit the studio again in christmas holidays to record two brand-new songs for our upcoming 7-Inch, which is scheduled for March 2011. Furthermore, we currently have about 20 new songs (we already released a pre-pro-recording of a few of them on our “What Colour Is Your Life?”-EP) and are still in the process of writing and texting some more, but want to have everything finished till early january to start another pre-production for our next full-length. If everything works out fine you’ll be able to hold our new album in your hands by not later than early 2012.

Oh yeah, and we’re gonna play some shows in march/ april and still have a lot of free dates, so if anybody want’s to help us out, please get in touch! You find everything you need in our “Show“-section.

Stay tuned,


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