bad news, but still good news, somehow…


the bad news first: we decided to cancel the release of the brackets closed 7inch we had announced for this month. all the recording stuff took longer than expected, mainly because of the fact that all 4 of us had the flu at some point the last months and also because we’re incredible uncoordinated (and a little bit lazy); and – above all – we’re all in all not very confident with the songs per se anymore. but – and that’s the good news – we’re still planning to release those recordings in one or another way, maybe even as a free-download.

furthermore, we have to announce that stefan, our drummer, will be absent on most of our shows till may. but don’t worry, we’re still going to play all of the shows with our substitute-drummer “nitz”. you don’t know him yet, but you’re going to like him, we promise! ;)

our first show will be on march, 19th at GH Farkas in Rotenturm together with the dudes from The Liberation Service and Soey. Would be awesome to see a bunch of you guys out there!

oh, and don’t forget to add us on twitter*bracketsclosed!


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