Roadside Billboards (2009)

Silent and omnipresent, aiming for influence.
Following you on every step you make.
With any step you take you get confronted;
and you have to decide.

A street – your life.

It is about…

…desires, feelings, hopes,
fears and failures.
…money, profit, business,
humanity and empathy.

…your best friend and your greatest enemy: roadside billboards along your way.


Thirty thousand children on supermarket shelves for your desires. Could blame companies and governments, people and the whole society; but in the end it’s our own decision – a decision that has to be made by everyone themselves.
So choose wisely, ’cause your bill gets heavier and heavier with every wrong step you take. Dead bodies can’t be compensated with your desires. It’s a circle starting in front of your door.
Don’t choose what you can’t handle, don’t choose what you cant pay! Don’t buy what you can’t afford!
Wall-Mart shopping: Smell decay in every corner, taste blood in every product, here screams of pure desperation, helplessness and pain.


I realized the “sickness” so long ago but that simply doesn’t mean that i know how to heel it; and i feel more and more helpless – have the fear that everything i believe in could fall apart. I’m scared of the moment when it all seems senseless, keep on screaming it out loud without really believing it; the moment when i keep painting perfect pictures in my mind just my hands feel like printers without ink.
I see perfect colors, neither black nor white nor red and no one cares about the shape. Wanna move on, despite those chains on my feet. Speaking about touching hurts but barely able to reach your eares. Am i blind or am i the only one who’s still able to see clearly? Just i’ll follow this road to the end.


Buy what you see, feel what they want, want what you hate, need what you get, break on demand, live on command, die as the planned, why cant we say “No!”, and get those ideals out of our heads. “No!”, and abandon the ones that once made rules – what to love and what to hate, what to say, what to think. “No!”, and stop abusing other ones to follow a spirit no one of us needs. “No!” and don’t listen to the ones who make you dance after their rules.
Dance where you want, dance what you want, dance how you want, but dance!


Taste: It’s all in your head – well planned imagery spins it’s capitalistic webs ’round your synapses, catching every thought, recreating it, shaping it, manipulating it.
But there’s a way out: Freeing others will free yourself. It’s not only taking, but giving in the same way. And to be honest: Isn’t it simply disgusting and inhumane? Unbelievable – their power of making you do such things without asking, without thinking, still kept in a childish dream of pink and blue, untouchable. Surrounded by irrational habits, drowning in your own “stupidness”.
Think, just think.
It’s not about taste, it’s about living and that’s all you would die for.


Manipulation and dishonesty is all you convey. Supporting precarious labor conditions, supressing desires, creating new needs – that’s all you live for. I wanna life for more then your perfect world.
Roadside statements – you give yours and i give mine. From your printings in our heads; from my heart into my fist. You have your aims, and i have mine, but they simply don’t match; and i won’t gonna step back.
Every corner and every wall covered with lies – who on earth sees through them? I really don’t know who’s more to blame: The ones who pray or the ones who believe?
We are a new generation and we gonna change the world anyway. You just try as hard as you want, we’ll make it better someday.


Is it the act of revolting itself that keeps you alive? Thirty years or more and what’s left is still too little to mention.
Or tell me, from today’s point of view: What is left to carry on? and: Is this all worth it? – Yes, of course, “…a different background…” But we’re talking about ‘higher’ values anyway, don’t we? So who gives a fuck about origins or education?
We’re waiting for change to come or we’re causing it ourselves. I’ll try it my way since i give nothing for your ‘Fuck it’-attitude. Hope you get it: Nowadays, it’s all about an ‘empathy’-thinking – at least for me – and keeping your lifestyle wouldn’t make any difference to traditions you’re so exited to criticize.


Wish you were gay cause i think it would be the only chance to make you understand.
Wish you were gay making you consider your words.
Oh if i just could wipe that selfish smile of your face.


What do we know? Sit here in this fucking country, 5 meals, 3 showers and a place to sleep every day. And all we speak/ care about is gasoline and shares, weather and football. Guess its just fair that you own other peoples wishes, hopes, lives and thoughts?
I dont want to be part of this. I dont wont to abuse. I dont want to control. I dont wont to own.
My only problem is: I am one of them. I do abuse. I wanna control; and i own.


A world grows up around me. Am i shaping it, or do it’s predetermined contours guide my hand? Without me, things would have been different. Am i to blame, then? Which of us is responsible? Who makes the world?
Perhaps the world is not made. Perhaps nothing is made. Perhaps it simply is, has been, will always be a clock without a craftsman.


Have you found what you we’re looking for? – Seems rare, cause i haven’t (yet). Life brings along a new phrase every day; every hour shows a line unwritten, every minute reveals a word unheard.
Mostly these seem like a construct of lies than the one truth, but right now i just don’t care, as the moonlight kisses lies good night – and life starts again. Tonight i give my voice for what feels so true. I can barely breathe of excitement.
Won’t stay here ’till it’s all said an done. That level lasts till i’ll find the next step. Nothing will keep me from going away, going on. Cause nothing lasts forever,
but as long as this feels so right, so true, it is were my heart belongs.

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