Neustadtpunk Network Compilation (2010)


Sometimes it feels so hard to stay socially engaged and comitted to the struggle without burning out or resigning in this world of war and injustice.
Just don’t forget that what you see today is not supposed to be forever. History shows us rebellions against tyrannies, changes in people’s thoughts and collapses of systems of power that seemed invincible.
Cause life is a gamble and the only chance to win is keeping on playing.
We wont abandon the struggle for justice just because of the overwhelming power of those who have the guns and the money since this power has been prooven vulnerable so many times before – vulnerable to human quantities less measureable than bombs and money: Determination, courage, unity or patience.
And despite the fact that terrible things keep happening i’ve come to know so many people that give me hope.
Together we can transform the world; and living now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.


Can you smell the air tonight? – It’s the smell of this country. They call it democracy, but you can tell that they’re lying by the smell of injustice, by the smell of inhumanity. This surveillance society up your ass!
- Dear friends taken away, beloved ones that we knew for years, in the name of democracy;
- People who stand up against injustice for equality and individual freedom arrested, disgraced and muzzled;
- Innocent children arrested and deported in „homelands“ they’ve never seen before;
- People who peacefully fight for their rights in protest marches bugged and observed for no reason;
Can you smell the air tonight? – This is our red-white-red freedom, our red-white-red justice!
They call it democracy, I call it a surveillance society.
This surveillance society up your ass!
It all makes me cry, just cry. Is this what our democratic system is supposed to be like? What about political rights, civil liberties and what the fuck about humanity?

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