BRACKETS CLOSED are LaserLife’s youngsters. Nevertheless, their punkrocky style in the vein of bands like Kid Dynamite, early Lifetime, Death Is Not Glamorous or None More Black, compared with their dedication on stage, makes you think that they must be doing what they are doing so well for a long time by now.
But that’s not true. It was only two years ago when they stood on stage the first time and had their first 4-track Demo EP Business Before released.
Already one year later, in June 2009, they finally brought out their long-expected first kind-of-full-lenght CD, Roadside Billboards.
In September ’10, their 5-track-EP “What Colour Is Your Life?” followed.
Right now, BRACKETS CLOSED are back in their rehearsal room, recording pre-production for their new LP, scheduled for september, ’11. Stay tuned!
by LaserLife Records

Some of the bands we had the chance to play with:

The Flatliners (can), Polar Bear Club (us), Off With Their Heads (us), Astpai (a), Rentokill (a), Death Is Not Glamorous (nor), Atlas Losing Grip (swe), In-Sane (slo), Despite Everything (gr), One Win Choice (us), The Riot Before (us), Landmines (us), Tackleberry (de), Smash The Statues (nl), The Living Daylights (uk), The Arteries (uk), Bangers (uk), Leagues Apart (uk), The Liberation Service (a), Flatfoot 56 (us), Straightaway (fr), From Plan To Progress (uk), Once Over (uk), Man Overboard (us), Soey (a), 7 Years Bad Luck (a)…

Brackets Closed are

Bernhard – Bass/ Vox
Jak – Guitar/ Vox
Toni – Vox/ Guitar
Stefan – Drums

Martin – Guitar/ Vox 2010 – 2011
Johannes – Guitar/ Vox 2006 – 2010

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